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There's been a lot of discussion about Cameron's ego and especially after his oscars. I came across this little news blurb and I think it shows Cameron's human side.

Cameron's Stepson Shows Off Oscar Filed at 4:04 p.m. EST By The Associated Press

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) -- Dalton Hamilton brought in something special for show and tell last week: one of the three Oscars won by his stepfather, ``Titanic'' director James Cameron.

Second-grade teacher Cindy Johnson's class was impressed, USA Today reported Wednesday.

``Most kids just bring in rocks or shells,'' said school chum Henry Carradine, the 7-year-old nephew of David and Keith Carradine.

Johnson didn't return telephone calls Wednesday. A receptionist said, ``She really doesn't want any more publicity on this.''

-- crystal smithwick (, April 02, 1998


Response to Cameron isn't so bad

I agree that Cameron isn't so bad. If it weren't for his dedication and hard work, we wouldn't have the pleasure of a movie like Titanic. Besides, he has every right to feel "king of the world". He took so much crap from so many different places even before it was released. Now, he's proven them all wrong. You go Jim!! I still say the only ones who have a problem with him are those who are jealous of his success, or those who originally opened their mouths to dis this project, only to have to eat their words later on. Regardless of how one may feel about him personally (personalilty, ego, etc.), he deserves respect for his accomplishments because he earned it. To all you critics out there, I say, let's see you do it any better. And by the way, Jim, thanks for a great movie!

-- Michael (, April 02, 1998.

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