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Regarding the second CD that is rumored to be coming out, does anyone know if it will contain the piano version of MHWGO. This was the version that played while Jack drew Rose. Also, is there a date for that release yet?? Any info is greatly appreciated!!

-- katherine (, April 02, 1998


Response to second soundtrack

The piano version of MHWGO is rumored to be scheduled for inclusion in the second CD, along with the remixes of the Celine Dion vocal and "Southampton" (with dialog from the film), some of the music from Gaelic Storm (the third class Irish jam session), and possibly some tunes from I Solisti (the shipboard musicians). Again though, this is all **rumor** -- no definite playlist has been announced.


-- Kip Henry (, April 02, 1998.

I just heard that the second Titanic soundtrack, titled "Back to Titanic" will be released July 28!!

-- Najmul M Islam (, May 07, 1998.

I read yesterday that Sony Music announced the release date of the second soundtrack, titled Back to Titanic, for July 28. This was on the Lycos Box Office Reports page.

-- Julie (, May 08, 1998.

Currently there is a CD at Borders with the solo piano version of MHWGO, as well as Southampton, presumably a remix, and other remixes (presumably) from Titanic, as well as something from "A Night to Remember" and the 1953 "Titanic." No Gaelic Storm though.

-- Bob Gregorio (, May 24, 1998.


The CD you mentioned is called "Titanic: The Ultimate Collection" released by Varese Sarabande Records Inc. According to the liner notes, all the tracks on this new CD were recorded just for this release. It combines music from the James Cameron's movie "Titanic" as well as from the Broadway musical "Titanic," the 1953 movie "Titanic," the 1958 movie "A Night to Remember," and the television miniseries "Titanic." It's really a pretty good collection, broadening the scope of Titanic music beyond James Horner's "Titanic" soundtrack. I really enjoyed most of the orchestrations, especially a couple from this year's "Titanic."

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, May 24, 1998.

Kathleen, you were right! That CD makes me shine like a new penny. I've listened to only a couple tracks so far, and "Rose's Theme (MHWGO - Solo Piano Version)" was worth the $14 alone. It sounds just like the one in the movie, when Jack sketches Rose.

-- BobG (, May 25, 1998.

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