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I've looked without success for a poscard depicting the CofG passenger terminal in Savannah. Cards depicting the Union Station are plentiful, but I've never seen one of the CofG terminal. It's ironic since the Union Station is long gone, and the CofG remains. Has anyone seen one?

-- Sid Linton (, April 01, 1998


Allen & Mike, Thanks for the responses. As we approach the end of '99, I've still not run across a photo or postcard of that building in its operational days. Thanks again. Sid Linton

-- railroad (, October 23, 1999.

Try the web site for "Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress" at URL If you enter "Central of Gergia Railway, Passenger Station" in the search window, you will find a page with 40 photos of the station. This site also has info and pictures of the Savannah shops, railroad maps from the 19th and early 20th century and lots of other historical data that I find fascinating. Good luck!

-- Mike Anderson (, November 05, 1998.


I have a postcard that shows the front of the Broad Street Station in Savannah. It's a recent photo (no CG sign out front.) There are probably other views available since that building now houses the Savannah Visitor's Center and there is a gift shop and history museum in the old trainshed. There's also a scale model of the station and trainshed in that museum along with other CG memorabilia (even a steam locomotive minus its tender!) You might try contacting them.

-- Allen Tuten (, April 01, 1998.

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