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Does anyone know of any sites on the web that are related to the old CSX line that ran from Birmingham to Atlanta, via Piedmont, AL and Dallas, GA? I remember the line, but never got any pictures of it. Also, I would like to know some of the dates that the track was pulled out. Any information would be appreciated.



-- Jonathan Blair (GATrainman@aol.com), March 31, 1998


The Condensed Profile of the Atlanta / Birmingham line (1932) shows three tunnels (Roper, Hardwick, and Divide). I'm only familiar with this line from Atlanta to Rockmart. It is currently being converted to a "Rail Trail". Several miles of 8" concrete have been installed with restroom facilities, park benchs, signage, stop lights, etc. The plans promulgated by the Georgia DOT do not include this line in their rapid rail plan. It is quite clear that this line will remain a "Rail Trail" for quite some time to come (forever?). I have been to the tunnel at Divide. It looks to be about 100 yds long. My kids and I rode our bikes from their to Dallas on nice Fall day. Their is no town called Divide by the way (it's really near Braswell). The elevation at Divide is about 1060'. The highest point on the line is just east of Dallas at about 1080'. I have a picture of the water tower in Hiram and of the line as taken from "Humpback" bridge around 1978. The line is remarkebly straight (thus "airline"). The cuts though were very narrow, as if it were built on a shoestring budget. Rocks are still falling onto the line to this day and the rock retaining fences built as a stop gap measure are still in evidence west of Dallas in the Braswell Mountains. I am curious as to the disposition of the line west of Rockmart and in Alabama. Something for future research. Contact me if you feel I can be of any assistance.

Thanks, Ray

-- Ray Redmond (redray6@bellsouth.net), May 27, 1999.

The line has been pulled from the ground from Rockmart, GA to suburban Atlanta (just beyond Interstate 285). The good news is that the right of way is owned by the state of Georgia, and will probably resurface in the near future as commuter rail, once the state government finally comes to it's senses. In the meantime, I believe the right of way will become a "rails to trails" project. Other information and/or correction is invited.


The line has been cut between Wellington, Alabama and Cedartown, Georgia, or maybe even further east of Cedartown, I'm not certain. CSX operates an average of two trains daily over the original line from Birmingham to Wellington, which was formerly a crossing between the SAL and L&N's Alabama Mineral district between Gadsden and Anniston. From there, the trains proceed north on the old L&N to Gadsden and beyond to Guntersville.

FYI, the Birmingham to Wellington segment has the only tunnel(Roper Tunne)on the original mainline, as well as the highest trestle on the entire SAL system over the Cahaba River. Perhaps we can tour these and other portions during the Birmingham meet in August.

Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll try to help.

Marv Clemons (nee SAL/SR/CofG/Frisco operator, Birmingham Terminal)

-- Marv Clemons (m..clemons@worldnet.att.net), May 14, 1998.

I have a CSXT Timetable that has the line from Atlanta to Piedmont but west of there it is abandoned, if this is any help please contact me and ill send the info. I should put it on my web site here soon, it is www.webimpression.com/railroads/. This site has stuff on NS and CSX, if you care to look go ahead. The line designation is "SG".


-- Zak Agresto (nszak@ix.netcom.com), April 20, 1998.

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