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I edited the units.cfg and it didnt effect the game a bit, so i serached your message board and i found that you were raving about a stats switch, what the hell is a switch and how do i use it, is it a command line?

-- Joe Wright (, March 29, 1998


Re: Err Units.cfg

Editing units.cfg affects multiplayer games only. All players must have the exact same copy copy of units.cfg or the game will go out of sync. The command line switch mentioned (can't remember what it was) simply tells the game to use the modified units.cfg instead of the default unit statistics (all players need to use this switch).

If you want to edit the game for single player use, the KKnD Editor available at the downloads page is perfect. I've had some problems, but it seems stable enough and is a far easier way of changing the game.

-- Will Jenkins (, April 01, 1998.

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