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Year 2000 Press Clippings

One of the best known Y2K sites on the web is It's the "home" of Peter DeJager, one of the first and best known year 2000 problem "message carriers." Part of their website is the Press Clippings page, and when it comes to y2k news, it's one of the best pages on the web.

Year 2000 Press Clippings

While you're there, you'll see that it says this: "If you have not yet signed up for the Year 2000 Announcement List, please use this link to sign up. It is free, and will provide you e-mail updates twice each month that includes a listing of URLs of some of the more interesting Y2K stories appearing in the press." If you want to keep up on some of the news, just click that link and sign up. It's an informative little automatic update...

-- Bill (, March 28, 1998

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