Was there a mummy on board?

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I received a long e-mail from a friend-here is an excerpt from it- "Eventually, a hard-headed American archaeologist (who dismissed the happenings as quirks of circumstance), paid a handsome price for the mummy and arranged for its removal to New York . In Apr 1912, the new owner escorted its treasure aboard a sparkling, new White Star liner about to make its maiden voyage to New York .

On the night of Apr 14, amid scenes of unprecedented horror, the Princess of Amen-Ra accompanied 1,500passengers to their deaths at the bottom of the Atlantic .The name of the ship was of course, the RMS TITANIC." Can any of our Titanic substantiate this, or is it just another legend surrounding the great ship?

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), March 27, 1998


OOPS- that should have been "Can any of our Titanic scholars substantiate this?"

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), March 27, 1998.

Sorry Laura, but other than Billy Carter's now-famous Renault and a jeweled copy of the Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam, there was nothing extraordinary in Titanic's cargo holds. The surviving cargo manifests and insurance records make no mention of a mummy, Egyptian or otherwise.

The mummy is simply another of those wacky legends concocted to try and explain why Titanic **really** sank.

-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), March 27, 1998.

The whole story was that there was a supposed mummy at a British museum when in fact, the mummy was just a lid to a coffin and it still resides in the museum. They never made any attempt the send it to America on the Titanic or on any other ship. Though many still believe that the curse of the mummy sunk the titanic that fateful night.

Do you Believe?

-- Melissa Wood (melissa@ifitraining.com), April 06, 2004.

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