Kate's reaction to Helen Hunt's win. {Oscar emotions?}

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Regardless of the fact that I think Dame Judi Dench was robbed when Helen Hunt won, apparently Kate Winslet's reaction was somewhat controversial. I have been told, by quite a few females, that she "looked totally shocked and upset that the Academy passed over her 'wonderful' performance." Okay, girls. Is there something I missed? Is this a girl thing? If it isn't, I don't get it. I've watched her reaction with friends at least five times, and we didn't see what's so bad about it. What's the deal?

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), March 26, 1998


Response to Kate's reaction to Helen Hunt's win.

Dave, it must not be a "girl thing" because after I saw your post I went back and also watched it several times. I didn't see the remotest trace of disappointment or shock on Kate's face at all! Helen Hunt, on the other hand, showed no excitement at all-I guess she was busy rehearsing her acceptance speech in her mind!

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), March 26, 1998.

Response to Kate's reaction to Helen Hunt's win.

I was impressed with Kate's reaction considering how all the polls have shown an inpressive amount of support for her. It was a shame that Helen won only because she was the lone American. But I do grapple with this because I have seen Kate's other movies and feel that her preformance has been better, but then you must consider all she went through with this part. My husband did not know she was British until I told him. I must also say that I thought Kate was absolutly beautiful Oscar night and am suprised that it is not mentioned. My only hope was that Leo would have been a little more mature and come out and supported his film.

-- Shaunna (Shaunna@visualmetrics.com), March 26, 1998.

Response to Kate's reaction to Helen Hunt's win.

I did think Kate looked a little surprised, but then again Helen Hunt looked astonished to me, too. I guess everybody involved was surprised that H.H. won the Oscar. That doesn't mean that Kate assumed that she herself was getting it, just that the winner came as a surprise.

Also, Leo wasn't there because he's in the middle of shooting a movie in Italy or something. Shame he couldn't make it, though.

-- Nonie Maus (foo@bar.com), March 26, 1998.

Response to Kate's reaction to Helen Hunt's win.

I don't think was surprised that SHE didn't win. During a pre-awards show, Kate mentioned that she thought Judi Dench would win and that she had a very slim chance. I guess her reaction was won of surprise when Judi Dench DIDN'T win. Kate doesn't come across as the egotistical and mean-spirited type.

-- Tam (foo@bar.com), March 26, 1998.

I had a similar reaction... Dan and Justin were next to me and we were all like, "NO WAY!" when Helen won. Justin had predicted it based on Helen being the only American, but I thought that Dame Judi Dench would still get it for her most deserving performance. That was the worst decision of the night on the Academy's part. Dench deserved to win more than any actor or actress combined, her acting was a even better than old Jack. On another note... as for worst decision of the night? That would go to Ashley Judd. What the HELL was that? I watched the awards in a huge theater on a big screen, and wondered if she meant for it to happen. Anyway, enough grumbling for me. Keep giving me your opinions though, guys.

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), March 26, 1998.

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