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I haven't been able to get the script to tax only residents of Indiana. I don't want the tax to show up until the script knows the order is coming from in-state.

Any way to do this?



-- John Aikin (, March 26, 1998


Okay, figured that one out, but it still seems a little strange to me that the script doesn't add the tax at checkout unless the customer views cart and then clicks re-calculate. Also it seems to work on the honor system.

-- John Aikin (, April 02, 1998.

Here is how I handled this taxing situation. (Pun clearly intended) First I set the bit to force the shopper to review the cart. That way they can't bypass the cart and skip the tax situation. Second, I modified the cgi so that the tax is always computed for residents of Texas. All others must re-calculate in order to remove the tax. Here is how I did that. ======================== if ($tax eq '0') { # print nothing } elsif ($tax eq '1') { print "Texas residents will be
charged 8.25% sales ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tax.
"; ^^^^ if ($useimage eq '1') { print ""; } if ($useid eq '1') { print ""; } print ""; print "\n"; ======================================== The changes are highlighted by the "^" under the change. This is of course from the s-mart.cgi file. It works for me! Try it out at:

-- John Kennedy (, April 04, 1998.

Well, that didn't work!

Anyone wanting to this info, let me know and I will send it to you.


-- John Kennedy (, April 04, 1998.

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