Where can I get those posters they showed on Entertainment Tonight?

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Tonight (3/25) on Entertainment Tonight they showed a bunch of really cool Titanic posters with various different designs on them (e.g. the "flying scene," a shot of Leo and Kate in the foreground and the lit-up Titanic in the background, etc.). The show identified them vaguely as being "from Europe." Anybody know where I could buy one?

-- Nonie Maus (foo@bar.com), March 25, 1998



Try here, I got the orginal one in December and they are now on reprints, but they did have several forgein ones also and resonably priced.

-- Shaunna (Shaunna@visualmetrics.com), March 26, 1998.

They've been plastered all over my school for past few days - my school meaning York U in Toronto. They run for about $15, and they have all the above mentioned. I've also seen the poster of Kate and Leo dancing (3rd class dance) behind the Titanic - sort of like the "official" poster.

That's all.

-- JoeyAngel (yu118438@yorku.ca), March 26, 1998.

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