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05:42 PM ET 03/24/98

Titanic's Oscar-winning music to live on and on

By Sue Zeidler LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood plans to have the Oscar-winning music of ``Titanic,'' including its hit single, ''My Heart Will Go On,'' live on and on, with a sequel album and a concert tour. ``I've promised a second album. I've promised to write a 25-minute, 30-minute sort of piece that incorporates the themes, some of the music that wasn't on the first album,'' said classical and pop composer James Horner, who picked up Oscars for best dramatic score and best original song Monday. And for those who haven't had enough of the film's swelling music, a concert tour featuring the score will be launched around the end of the summer. ``I'm going to be doing probably five or six concerts sometime this summer (or) September, in time for when the videocassette of the movie comes out,'' Horner told reporters backstage at the Oscars. The blockbuster drama about two lovers on the ill-fated 1912 luxury ship made Hollywood history Monday by winning 11 Oscars, tying the 1959 record set by ``Ben-Hur'' for the most Academy Awards won by a single film. Horner's sweeping, romantic music steers the shias Celine,'' Horner said. Dion's performance moved everyone in the studio to tears, but Horner still had to wait for the right moment to approach Cameron. In his acceptance speech Monday night, he thanked the director for ``being in a good mood that day when I brought you the song.'' Horner and Jennings were presented with the song award by pop icon Madonna moments after Dion finished a show-stopping rendition at the star-studded awards ceremony. Even before it was released as a single, the ballad -- available on Dion's latest album as well as the ``Titanic'' soundtrack -- set a U.S. radio audience record. More than 105 million listeners heard it in the week that ended Jan. 27, a unit of Billboard Magazine calculated. The soundtrack, released by Sony Music, has topped Billboard's album charts for the past 10 weeks, and ``My Heart Will Go On'' remains a top-selling single. But after the tour and the sequel album, Horner will change course. ``There will be a second album, but it's not going to be a franchise that goes on and on,'' he said. ``I'm not a retrospective person. I move on. After the second album, that's it,'' he said. Horner, who composed music for ``Apollo 13'' and ``Glory'' before taking the spotlight for ``Titanic,'' said the concert tour would also be a special event. ``Again, it's not a franchise. It's just a one-shot sort of thing,'' he said. ^REUTERS@

-- Rose (, March 25, 1998

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