Updates on Soundtrack, Videotapes release (this Summer) and Gloria Stuart

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'Titanic' Theme to Live On

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood plans to have the Oscar-winning music of ``Titanic,'' including its hit single, ''My Heart Will Go On,'' live on and on, with a sequel album and a concert tour. Classical and pop music composer James Horner told reporters backstage at the Oscars that he's promised to write a 25-30 minute piece that incorporates some music that wasn't on the movie soundtrack. He also plans five or six concerts this summer to coincide with ``Titanic's'' release on videocassette. Horner picked up Oscars for best dramatic score and best original score.

Boosting the Box Office

DALTON, Ga. (Reuters) - ``Titanic'' owes a great deal of its box-office success to the Mosteller family of Dalton, Ga. Between them, they've seen the Oscar-winning film more than 80 times. ``I just get caught up in the story,'' Rosie Mosteller, who's seen it 15 times, told The Wall Street Journal. Her two daughters have seen the film 16 times each, her son has been four times and her husband three. When you add the Mostellers' sons- and daughters-in-law and grandchildren, the family total comes to 81 ``Titanic'' viewings. Mosteller has seen the film so often that she's spotted little mistakes, like a camera seen in a reflection on the ship's glass doors.

Another Chance for Gloria?

LOS ANGELES (Variety) - Gloria Stuart, at 87 the oldest person ever nominated for an Oscar, was the sentimental favorite for best supporting actress Monday night. But even though she came home without a golden statue, Stuart could be seen again on the big screen. Variety's Army Archerd reports that ``Titanic'' director James Cameron stopped in the front row to hug Stuart after he won the best director award and told Archerd, ``I've got to find another part for her.'' Stuart played the older version of Kate Winslet's ``Rose'' in ``Titanic.''

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), March 25, 1998

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