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Hi! I found this over a discussion group. I'm not sure what it's about, but as soon as I saw "Titanic" in there I decided to pass it on to ya'll and let you figure it out - maybe it's a worthwhile info.

Jo :)

NEW VCDS. ---------------

Good Will Hunting The Wedding Singer Boogie Nights Blues Brothers 2000 The Shinning Part 1 The Shinning Part 2 The Borrowers

-------------------- Burn Hollywood Burn, screener Eight Ball, screener (Very Good) The Postman, camcorder (Good) Alien Ressurection, screener (Perfect) Dead Fire, screener (Very Good)) Flood - A Rivers Rampage, screener (Perfect) Kiss The Girls, screener (Very Good) Michael Jacksons - Ghosts, screener (Perfect) Mortal Kombat 2 - Annhilation, screener (Perfect) Peacekeeper, screener (Perfect) Space Marines, screener (Perfect) The Assignement, screener (Perfect) Time Wars, screener (Very Good) -------------------------- James Bond 007 : Tomorrow Never Dies The Replacement Killers Scream 2 As Good As It Gets Hard Rain Who Am I The Ticket Welcome to Sarajevo Scent of Vengeance Heaven's Burning Overnight Delivery Murder in Mind The House of Yes Deadly Measures The Ice Storm Dead Weekend One Night Stand Moonbase When Time Expires Deep Rising Michael Jackson's GHOSTS Spice World the Movie Movie MTV Smash Soundtrack Hits Red Corner Seven Years in Tibet TITANIC Sphere Cinderella The Jackal Scorpio One Surface to Air

ALL are in Very GOOD or PERFECT Quality. Anything marked with "CAM" is camcorded and there are none in this listing.

$15us VCD excluding Titanic cause it is 3cds it costs $20us $25us PALorNTSC VHS - Titanic is still $25us on vhs

Email philg@sympatico.ca

There is no minimum order. I want people to trust me so you can order just 1 movie if you like. But after that I would apreciate that you order in bulk.

Thank you And have a nice day.

-- JoeyAngel (yu118438@yorku.ca), March 25, 1998


Response to Titanic VCDS

I don't know for sure, but it sounds like bootleg stuff to me. I would leave it alone.

-- Bonnie West (bonnie@dmrtc.net), March 25, 1998.

Response to Titanic VCDS

Movies on VCDs have been transfered from film (legally or illegally) to MPEG format on CDs so they may be viewed on a computer. You can buy VCDs of many recent films (all produced legally) at your local software store. I know for a fact the Titanic VCD is a bootleg. A buddy of mine just returned from Hong Kong with the Titanic VCD (among other new releases). The quality is average (recorded in a theater with camcorder I think) and nothing compared to the theater experience. You are better off paying for the matinee if you can't get enough of Titanic.

Hope the Feds don't browse this site.

-- Jeff (JTrayner@pacbell.net), March 27, 1998.

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