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The ACL operated a log train of cypress logs from south Florida up to Dunellon, Florida and then over the "Perry Cut-Off" to the big mills at Foley,(near Perry). What was the schedule and when did this train cease operations. It was an "Extra" so it does not show on any time tables. It is my understanding that this train was about 40 cars of logs and operated once a week? I also understand this train did not return empty but was returned in regular local moves, is this correct?

-- Steve Manuel (, March 25, 1998


The log train was for the Lee Tidewater Cypress Co. which had suceeded the Burton-Swartz Cypress Co. at Perry. Lee Tidewater logged cypress at Copeland in Collier County on ACL's Everglades City line. ACL ran a weekly unit train with their gondolas that had steel rail welded onto the sides to hold the cypress. This operation ended in 1958.

Another operation in the same area was the Cummer Sons Cypress which the ACL hauled their logs to Lacoochee in a weekly unit train.This lasted until 1960.

As the unloading process would take time, the cars were probally hauled south as they were released from unloading, on whatever trains were passing.

-- Donald R. Hensley, Jr. (, May 09, 1998.

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