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I'm sorry for being painful, but is there any way in which I can re-register? A strange paranoia did not allow me to answer the two questions you asked (why I want to take this course etc.) but now, I feel the need to. Also, when do I need to register fo the April 27 session?


-- Ratika Kapur (, March 24, 1998


Hi Ratika, You may add your information to the registry (step 2) again. You may register (step 1)for the next session anytime too because it is all the same database. For the registry (step 2) for the next session, it is best to sign-in on orientation week; the second step is to help classmates get to know each other and select study groups. (When I was taking on-line classes myself at Virtual University, I looked for study-partners from other countries.) It's a little confusing right now, and I'm trying to find a better system ... hopefully before the next session starts. I always like to throw in something during orientation week to see who is still with us too, since more sign-up than show-up. :-)

-- Bob Hembree (, March 24, 1998.

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