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Could anyone tell me where there might still be a copy of the "Central of Georgia Album" available? I understand that it has gone out of print (again).


-- Bates B. Bowers III (BBBIII@hotmail.com), March 23, 1998


I just got one from railroadtreasures.com for 60.00. They are really nice folks. They're in Talbott, TN. Their e-mail address is rrhistory@aol.com. The name of their store is Stephans Railroad History. I also got a Locomotive Cyclopedia 1925 for the best price I've ever seen.

-- Donald Worthy (worthy57@accucomm.net), December 08, 2003.

I just picked up this album along with the Georgia RR album on Ebay for around $85.00. Got into a little bidding war but saw that Barnes & Noble had a used copy of the GofGa book and it was $90 alone. I felt getting both books was worth the $85 I spent. There is a world of information in these books for fans of these two lines. Highly recommended!

-- Wally Calhoun (wmwac450@comcast.net), June 04, 2003.

Bates --

Check with Bob Branin at Riverdale Station in Atlanta. He had one once.


-- Marc Burcham (mburcha@ibm.net), April 18, 1998.

I see one occasionally on The Whistle Stop used book web page, www.thewhistlestop.com

It's a book worthy of reprinting.


-- Curt Fortenberry (arrphoto@compuserve.com), March 27, 1998.

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