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Does anyone know about any economic or historical analysis of the elevator industry? I'm trying write a master's dissertation about it and would appreciate any help I can get! This includes personal opinions and sweeping generalisations.

Hopefully yours

Ken Edwards

-- Ken Edwards (K.A.Edwards@sussex.ac.uk), March 23, 1998


Ken, I need the same info. Did you ever receive this info? I'm doing this for an MBA class.

My group and I have scoured the web for market share(worldwide etc), and the info is hard to come by.

Please advise.



-- tom regan (tregan@rochester.rr.com), May 03, 2003.

I'm a graduate MBA student at the University of Missouri - Kansas City and I'm in consideration for a job in the elevator industry. I too was interested in learning anything I can about the elevator industry (market share info, economic analysis, etc.).

Please let me know if you found any information.


Ryan Peck

-- Ryan Peck (ryandy79@earthlink.net), October 28, 2003.


I am an MBA student who needs info about elevator industry, especially on company strategies.

Any hope?



-- Umran Akay (uakay@bus.olemiss.edu), June 09, 2004.

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