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I just finished viewing the documentaries on the Discovery Channel (thanks for the alert, guys!!) and the most striking image came near the end of the second showed an actual photograph of the enormous ship's berth that was to hold the Titanic in New York, but instead of containing the greatest liner ever built in it's time, it held a scant handful of lifeboats. The berth built for the Titanic would never see the great ship, and in that one picture the reality of the whole event seemed to come crashing down.....

-- Laura (, March 23, 1998


I agree Laura. That is a very famous picture. When the Carpathia arrived in New York, it detoured to offload the Titanics boats. As I have said before on here, I wish we knew what happened to them afterward, but we will never know for sure. It is certainly a powerful photo!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, March 23, 1998.

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