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We are number 1 for 14th week!!!!! But if anybody had the oppertunity to read cnn's showbiz section, Nikkin Rocco of universal pictures makes that all to anoying statement, She says " The box office is propelled by kids and we know that's what the core audience for titanic". Frankly I'm getting tired of these kinds of excuses,After all Whe can't help it if our ship sank their movie primary colors!


-- jesse fontes (, March 23, 1998


Response to propelled by kids?

Oh by the way If it's kids that have this movie floating, than logic would say that TMITIM should hold it's ground since it's premier a couple of weeks ago. For example I believe last week it made 17.5 mil, this week it made 11.5 or so mil. wouldn't 2 Leo's be better than 1 for all those kids?


-- jesse fontes (, March 23, 1998.

Response to propelled by kids?

If "kids" are propelling this movie, then I say amen for the "kids" who are now on to the subject of the Titanic herself and her brief history like never before, and that cannot be a bad thing. I know this "kid" supports this film 100% and for that reason, although I have only managed to see it once (so far)!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, March 23, 1998.

Response to propelled by kids?

Even in Aus, the nightly talk shows are saying that 'kids' are keeping the Titanic afloat because of their infatuation with Leo.

I've been 4 times, and twice to the 2.30pm matinee and sure, there are some younguns there, but there were also quite a few elderly people, and mums with their kids there as well.

It's a bandwagon by skeptics that just cannot accept that Titanic is a great movie and, trying to explain its success on teenie boppers is just an excuse to right it off.

We know why its Number 1.

-- Peter Edmead (, March 23, 1998.

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