Titanic Clobbers Primary Colors {weekend of 1998-03-22}

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Titanic clobbered Primary Colors on Saturday, earning about 2.5 million more than the Bill Clinton flick. Here are the numbers:

1. Titanic 8,090,000
2. Primary Colors 5,470,000
3. The Man In the Iron Mask 4,765,000

-- Chris Kilroy (Chrisk757@aol.com), March 22, 1998


Response to Titanic Clobbers Primary Colors

Tonight "Titanic" will break a new record, the first movie to be weekend #1 (domestic) for 14 weeks in a row. And with some good luck on Monday Oscars it will reserve its 15th (at least). "Titanic" already has $489,814,000 and it will end this weekend with about $494-495 million. It will break the first half billion dollars by the evening of Wednesday or Thursday. This movie is really unthinkably unsinkable... Oscars, right ahead!

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), March 22, 1998.

Response to Titanic Clobbers Primary Colors

I can't believe this. I felt sure "The Man" or "Primary Colors" will surely sink the movie. Really, I can't tell you how happay I am. And after the Oscars, the numbers are bound to go up. YES!!

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), March 22, 1998.

Response to Titanic Clobbers Primary Colors

Never mind the worring about the Oscars.....we win both ways...if Titanic looses they (The Academy) will loose alot of credibilty...if Titanic wins then great..they will only confirm what we already know. That this movie is simply the best. 14 week at number 1!!..it will never be duplicated and if it is I will have to be one hell of a movie....go Titanic

-- Th (tah@bio.ca), March 22, 1998.

Maybe I'm wrong, I thought Titanic lost #1 to MITIM on its opening weekend and then regained it. Has Titanic really been at #1 14 weeks in a row?

-- Becky Gordon (becky.gordon@pfs.sprint.com), March 24, 1998.

Hi Becky: I believe that initially the estimate was that it was tied with Iron mask but when the figures came out, it had actually pulled ahead. I could be wrong but I think thats the way it was.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), March 24, 1998.

I think Titanic came out ahead of The Man in the Iron Mask that weekend by only $400,000.

-- Jennifer (foo@bar.com), March 24, 1998.

Cool! I'm so glad it was able to hang on!!!

-- Becky Gordon (becky.gordon@pfs.sprint.com), March 25, 1998.

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