Leo Won't Go {to the Oscars}

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No, Leo Won't Go

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - Leonardo DiCaprio says he's definitely not attending Monday's Academy Awards. But he's not sending his regrets out of spite for being snubbed in the Best Actor category. ``He's not planning on attending because he feels it would take away from everyone else's moment,'' his representative, Cindy Guagenti tells the New York Post. ``He just feels it's not his year. This is really a moment for James, for Kate, for Gloria.'' That was a reference to ``Titanic'' director James Cameron and actresses, Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart, who are up for Oscars.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), March 22, 1998


Response to Leo Won't Go

Leo, quit being a spoiled little brat and go support your movie!

-- Allison (allisonelizabeth@mb.sympatico.ca), March 22, 1998.

Well said Allison (he should have supported his movie - seeing how this is now being written ex post facto).

Anyway - where was Leo? He had nothing to do but wait at home - waiting to live, waiting to die, waiting for a nomination that would never come :)

-- Simon (ia501060@ntu.ac.uk), March 27, 1998.

He was here.


-- sally (sally@aol.com), March 27, 1998.

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