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I've just learned this evening (3/21/98) that Titanic survivor Louise Laroche passed away in January of this year, in France. She was about three years old at the time of the Titanic sinking. She was approximately 89 years old at the time of her death.

Her family did not want to be inundated with inquiries, given the worldwide mania over the James Cameron film, and so kept the news quiet until now.

At the present, there are only five living survivors of the Titanic.

-- Kip Henry (, March 22, 1998


Response to Another Titanic Survivor Passes On

Kip, I would greatly appreciate if you would have some information about the remaining five survivors. Thanks!

-- Dan Draghici (, March 22, 1998.

Dan, check my posts under the thread "Titanic Survivor Eleanor Shuman." There is a very brief account of the living survivors, and a link to a website where you can get more information.


-- Kip Henry (, March 23, 1998.

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