Underground Phantom

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This underground phantom is yet just another example of how juvinile and petty people can be.

This is just another example as to why we need regional board members and officers in the RMHA. If we had regional officers there would be less petty bickering and more business at hand conducted at these meetings.

Its time to the RMHA began behaving like a true Horse Association and not like some private club.

While I agree with some of the content of the letter , the majority of the letter is childish and ridiculous!

Personal opinions of members should be kept silent, if you don't like the way things are being handled then get off your behind and go do something about it!

Hiding behind anonymity is cowardly , and shameful! It is my opinion that this is just another ploy to deface our current officers in order to politically further the Phantoms own political choice.

This members tatics are exactly what we don't want running our Association!!

If you receive this letter from the Phantom, keep that in mind! It could be you... next time that he writes about!

-- Kathleen Naylor (knaylor@proaxis.com), March 21, 1998

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