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See ABC's Nightline tonight (Friday, March 20)! It covers the Titanic discovery and obsession before this latest movie. Also a couple good documentaries on Discovery channel this Sunday!

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 21, 1998


I was amazed and moved by this special episode of 'Nightline'.

The shots of the wreck of Titanic, and James Cameron describing *why* making the movie was so important to him are priceless.

It also made something clear to me, why some people can't 'let go' of is part of our cultural memory, and as such, the motion picture is part of a collective remembering. Cameron feels that he is now part of that collective process, and (to a lesser degree) so am I.

The word 'history' doesn't quite describe it...'cultural memory' or 'cultural dynamics' comes closer to describing this whole phenomenon.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, March 22, 1998.

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