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Can one change the format of the emailed order form that S-Mart sends?

The item name field is too short on the email and truncates item names. Also I would like to add item codes but when I included thisin the form for adding an item, nothing came up on the email.

Any suggestions?

George Margelis

-- George Margelis (, March 20, 1998


Hi George,

Yes I edited the e-mail section of the cgi to print out what I wanted to .. but my suggestion is to always keep the current copy somewhere or at least rem out the section you dont want so that you can go back to the original should your editing have problems. I frequently rename the current to something like oldsmart.cgi and then submit up a new version that I edited as smart.cgi just in case. hope this helps.

-- Marie (crystal Clear Web Designs) (, March 21, 1998.

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