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Electric Utilities and Y2K

There is nothing more important in the entire y2k fix-it mess than electricity. Without it, nothing else works. Everyone can get all their computers neat as a pin and ticking like clocks, but if there's no current coming out of the wall, it won't matter.

And then there're those little things like your furnace, your city's water supply, or that pump on your well. And speaking of pumps, be sure to spend a few minutes meditating on how many of those things there are in the world, what they do, and what they almost all run on.

Then head for Rick Cowles' Electric Utilities and Y2k web site. It's the best place on the Internet to find out about this aspect of the problem, and it's the best place you could possibly refer anyone else to do the same... (And everyone should know about it ASAP!)

There are two links here. The first will take you to the site, and the second opens up a message in the discussion forum there that talks about a "Players Only," password protected forum Rick has set up for people in the industry who are working on the problem. Copy this message (being sure to include Rick's email address) and either email it, or print it out and mail it to the y2k person at your local power company (just call and ask who that person is and write their name on the envelope.)

Electric Utilities and Y2K site

"Player's Only" Discussion Group note

-- Bill (, March 20, 1998

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