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does any one know who this coward is I challenge him or her to step forward involve himself in a discussion on line and identify himself. it is very easy to spout off when you cannot be called on to defend your position i may agree with many of the statements in this letter with the exception of painting rea swan as some kind of saint she is far from it and jake and ht are far better for the rockies than she and her husband have ever been.I am not afraid to express my position on any issue with my name signed to it so come om phantom stand up and be counted we may be in your corner but not untill you have enough courage to identify yourself Rob noel A mountain horse ranch

-- rob noel (, March 20, 1998


your message

Dear Rob- your response to the phantom person is great. Although I try very hard to stay neutral, this viscous rag even has me steamed. It is unfortunate and very scary that there is someone or someone(s) out there who would resort to this kind of disgusting mud-slinging. Gee - if you want to criticize, at least have enough gumption to sign your name! Even more interesting to me is that this missive was for the most part not even based on the facts and the reality between what actually happened at certain meetings and what was written are like night and day. Oh well, most everyone I have talked to had trashed the thing because of it's content and the fact that it wasn't signed. It's really not worth dignifying with a response. Take care all.....Teri

-- Teri Wineland (, March 20, 1998.

Underground Phantom

A letter is not worth writing if it is not signed. In the past when there was unrest in the RMHA, the people who wrote letters were not afraid to sign names to their opinions.

We feel it is unfair to engage in character assassination and report many untruths in an anonomous doucment.

When the association is attempting to work through our horse eye problems, we don't need this behavior. We need to share our opinions in an honest and above board manner.

It appears that being president of the RMHA is a thankless and time consuming job. We intend to support Jake Rose for another term as we feel he deserves the opportunity to lead during this difficult time.

Right on, Teri.

-- C. J. Thatcher/S. A. Moorhead (, March 21, 1998.

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