Looking for Images of a Douglas Tilden Statue

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Greetings! Anyone know where I can find a good .jpg image of Douglas Tilden's "Bear" statue--the one that graces the campus of the California School for the Deaf. Must be free. Images of "The Mechanic" and "The Baseball Player" would also be nice. Thanks in advance.

Ron Roizen Wallace, Idaho

-- Ron Roizen (Ron@Roizen.com), March 20, 1998


Are you aware of the silver statue as part of the silver service for the USS Olympia? It was designed by Douglas Tilden and is either know as "Victory" or Fame". If you are aware of it, do you know which is the correct title? Bye now - Sherry

-- Sherry L. Langrock (dslangrock@earthlink.net), March 02, 2002.

One of those statues exists at Calfornia School For the Deaf in Fremont so I suggest you go there to see the statue if you want to see it!

-- Richard K. Rokicki (rkrokicki@yahoo.com), March 19, 2003.

There is also the California Veterans' Memorial where Dolores meets Market, across the street from the Mint. It is from 1903.

-- Kim (kimbachvu@hotmail.com), July 22, 2003.

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