I need a piss take script for research {-e-}

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I need a piss take script of some of the key scenes in Titanic as part of some research, can anyone help it would be very useful -Thanks

-- Kate Anslow (phil_liz_anslow@msn.com), March 19, 1998


What's a ''piss take script''?

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicShack@yahoo.com), March 19, 1998.

A 'Piss take script' is someone elses version of the script that makes a joke from some of the key scenes. Comedians often do a take off of some films on the T.V. and they can be very funny!.

-- Kate Anslow (phil_liz_anslow@msn.com), March 20, 1998.

as the ship sinks:


-- pyr0manyk (quite_tired@some_random_guy.com), January 29, 2003.

Well there is alot you can do to be honest, I mean when Jack draws a picture of the girl wearing the chain well it could be a drawing like a mach stick girl or else make her look really ugly!!

When they are on the ship at the party when they are dancing well when he starts swinging her couldn't she knock a few people out or something.

When the ship is sinking you could have them put on swim rings and air bands instead of life jackets.

You could have men dressing up as kids and woman trying to get on the life boats!

There is loads you could take the piss from, but the most famous line in the film is "Im the King of the World" you will have to do something with that scene!!! Cant think of anything off hand.

Hope these helped you in some way

-- Roisin Crowley (roisin.crowley@corkcoco.ie), July 09, 2003.

As you were saying about the most famous line has to be taken the piss out of, you could have im the king of the world then you see them start to fall over board you switch to a shot of the surrounding scenery and just hear this aaaaaa!!! splash! in the background. Well I found it funny.

-- jenny springett (monster2005@aol.com), March 03, 2004.

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