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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of "Make-up Artist" it's a magazine and the Feb/march edition has great articles on the make-up in Titanic (or so I've heard). I'd love to have a copy of this but the bookstores around here don't seem to have it!

-- Miranda Swearingen (, March 17, 1998


Response to Make-up Artist magazine???

I found this magazine at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore. I haven't seen it at two local Borders stores. So you'll have to call around to get the real magazine, which is a really terrific issue with two feature articles about the make-up needs of Titanic, plus the cover. Another option is to check the magazine's website at for the text and photos online as well as info for contacting the publisher. Maybe you can buy a copy of this issue as a back issue. Good luck!


-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, March 17, 1998.

Charles H. Fox you can mail order it from them, Charles H. Fox is based in covent garden London.


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