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Okay, im building a web site with a page about the S-line taken from a 1987 Timetable and i was wondering, does anyone have the line from Savannah to Jacksonville? The S is my favortei line and i want to give it a historical look in its entirity. Thanks

-- Zak Agresto (, March 17, 1998


i to am interested in the jax terminal portion of the s-line. if u have any info on it pls let me know

-- roger wilson (, October 06, 2000.

Your "S" line website idea is a great one. (You'll have at least one fan in me) I've been involved in a media project featuring points on the Florida S-line from Tampa to Baldwin. I have a 1951 SAL employee timetable for north Florida, but am not sure if it has the line north of Jax I'll check, though and let you know here.

-- Danny Harmon (, April 19, 1998.

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