Titanic Backlash?

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First let me start by saying that I loved Titanic! I enjoyed not only the special effects and the lavish attention to historical detail but also the simple, uncomplicated, and pure love story of Jack and Rose. If it were up to me, Titanic would win every award that it has been nominated for. My concern, though, is about the Hollywood backlash against Titanic which I think is totally unfair. A film should be judged on its merits and its ability to touch its audience and critics. In this respect, Titanic has succeeded. However, there are those critics who feel that Titanic should not be awarded the highest accolades because of its enormous budget and the unpopularity of James Cameron. I have read that some people in the business, maybe even academy voters, have a "problem with any movie that costs that much money". Furthermore, Cameron has a reputation for being spend-thrift, moody, over demanding, and arrogant. What does everyone think of all this?

-- June (foo@bar.com), March 17, 1998


I agree with you about Hollywood and the movie. It seems now that the movie has made alot of money, critics and people are even to downplay the movie just because the movie's popularity. In an article in the oscar section of www.tvgen.com, they mention about movies that some critics hated but these movies went on to win oscars(including Best Picture). As for me I also agree that it should get every award it can possibly get.

-- Kerry (michelle_08@yahoo.com), March 17, 1998.

It's unfortunate that something like this would be decided based on politics within the movie industry. Cameron knew what he wanted, and worked hard to achieve it. Certainly FOX and PARAMOUNT aren't complaining now. I'm sure those that have a problem with it are the same ones that predicted it would fail, lose money, etc., and now have egg on their faces. In addition, even if Cameron were all of those things described above, does it take away from the fact that TITANIC is simply a great movie?

-- Michael (foo@bar.com), March 17, 1998.

There are some sites in Yahoo, the entertainment site, really, really stupid stuff, folks: headlines.yahoo.com/Full_Coverage/movies/Titanic/ if you want to read some Titanic backlash. I think I agree that there probably is a prejudice against big budgets, and "studio" movies in general of being a "mass production", low quality "product"

-- Nit N. Pick (foo@bar.com), March 20, 1998.

I think the Titanic backlash is to the point of being ridiculious!! It makes me feel like I'm back in high school and everyone is picking on the new kid, because he's becoming too popular!! It's like Titanic has become the "butt" of jokes now! All that "teenage girls" crap is just getting to me.

Why can't people just see the movie for what it is......A LOVE STORY SET AGAINST A TRAJIC HISTORICAL EVENT THAT AFFECTS US TO THIS DAY!!

I also agree with whoever said that if James Cameron were all those things, does it take away from what this movie is? I say NO! It's probably why the movie IS the way it is. James Cameron had a passion for this movie, and if his reputation had to suffer for it, WHO CARES?? He obviously isn't complaining! We see the movie that HE wants us to see, and its paid off!

-- Caron (bianchi@iserv.net), March 20, 1998.

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