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I just saw a Siskel & Ebert special in which they pick who they would choose to win the Oscars. At the end, they both picked who they thought LEAST deserved a nomination. Ebert said Jack Nicholson, and Siskel said Kate Winslet. He thought she was a poor choice for the role and that other than the suicide attempt, he didn't like her. What do you t

-- C.Rieger (, March 16, 1998


I lost interest in this dynamic duo after each gave his top 10 for 97, each placing Titanic between #9 and #15. I agree that Nicholson shouldn't have gotten it, while the lead in Amistad (forget name) and/or Leo should have. Heard that Hoffman stunk in Wag the Dog and shouldn't have gotten it. Kate was great! Consider the accent she learned, the reaction shots (ie, the way momma was treating Jack), and the variety of scenes she handled superbly. It seems everyone in my theaters was saddened by her loss at the end (great acting by her and Leo). She was great, and apparently her peers thought so, indicated by the nomination for the Oscar and the SAG.

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 16, 1998.

I agree with Bob. Everytime I watch the movie, I catch more subtle things about Kate's performance that I didn't notice before, that just makes her seem more and more believable as Rose. Leo was great, but I can't say I saw anything that truely merited an Oscar.

-- Michael (, March 16, 1998.

Forgot to say that she was also nominated for the Golden Globe, as most of you probably know. So Siskel's opinion is just one critic's. Kate had a really tough role to play. As someone else said in another thread, she undergoes a metamorphosis as few other characters I've seen in any film. This was also a physically grueling shoot for her, which should count, though not as much as traditional acting. I can't say enough in her defense. Siskel liked Helen Hunt a lot, who's characterization I think is overrated. In sum, art is in the eye of the beholder. Politics, as many of us know, plays a big part in one's opinion. Helen Hunt is apparently very popular in Hollywood (and hence with critics). Kate is a 21 year old and knows fewer people in the business. Two q's for me in evaluating acting are: How demanding is the role? How different is the role from the actress' own character? In the case of Hunt (who I perceive as the biggest competitor) vs. Winslet, while people will debate the first answer, the second one is clear to me.

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 16, 1998.

Is Siskel the fat one or the bald one?

-- WEP (, March 16, 1998.

He's the skinny, bald one.

-- C.Rieger (, March 19, 1998.

I just saw this show and am very disapointed in this and all other comments I have read and seen about the Titanic from critics and other actors. This movie has taken the WORLD by storm how can that constitute a bad movie with bad lines and bad actors??? I beleive and let me know if I'm wrong, the simple fact is jealousy. That actors are slamming Titanic because they maybe turned it down or because they wheren't apart of it. Other directors may be upset of the attention it has gotten because they know they would never had had the balls of J. Cameron. All I can say is that I'm so tired of the negativity over this movie, I know that for me it is one of my all time favorites and for millions of others out their. Because the public is never wrong, and if it does not win best picture then who cares, because we all know who is the real best picture.

-- Shaunna (, March 19, 1998.


I just LOVE that email address!!

-- Nonnie (, April 26, 1999.

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