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I keep reading that teenaged girls are who are making Leonardo's films such a success, but I'm 32, and I've seen it 3 times, my sister is 46, and she's seen it 6 times. All of my friends my age loved it, so my question is are any of you older, or all of the articles I read true, and only teenagers are really taken with this movie? I hope Leonardo knows that women of all ages enjoying his acting, and movies.

-- Sally (, March 15, 1998


Response to How old are you?

Whats age got to do with watching this movie. I find it hard to accept that movie goers would watch a movie more than once, just because a guy or gal is 'good looking' and, if girls only watch it because of Leo, than its a rather poor reflection on them.

I won't bore you with what the movie is about, or its sublimial message, but come on girls, this movie is more, much much more than a groovy, spunky, flirty flick with Leo in it!

-- Peter Edmead (, March 15, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

Sally and Peter, I agree. This movie is much more than Leo the guy or even the actor. I heard enough stupid comments that this movie attracts teenage girls or young gays, bla-bla-bla! I agree that Leo is a good and sophisticated actor and he attracts a lot of people to his movies. But the reason for this is the way he chooses his roles. Beside Leo, there is also much more in the movie: script, music, Kate Winslet and all the other actors, history and authenticity. This movie's popularity came as a total reaction to the critics bashing the movie and its high producing cost. When their predictions sunk more rapid than Titanic back in 1912, they came up with excuses. Of course, most of the people going to see the movie are young, but which movie would attract old people? Let's get real. I saw today on TV an old lady, she was 91, barely walking and she stepped out of a car to see "Titanic". So maybe she was a teenage girl in disguise...I am 30 years old, have seen the movie 6 times and still believe it's an excellent movie. And I belive Leo is only part of the success. He helped a lot, but was not all. Without Kate Winslet and her beautiful acting, without Cameron, Kathy Bates, Bill Zane, Horner etc, "Titanic" would have been just another movie in the Titanic long list of movie productions. When I hear the bashers, I can't stop remembering the same people bashing those who were affected by the death of Princess Diana. Ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing here with emotions manifested by the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Don't look only for logic, EQ might be important, as well.

-- Dan Draghici (, March 15, 1998.

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This 40-year-old mother of two boys just got home from seeing "Titanic " for the 8th time!!! Leonardo DiCaprio is not the reason I go to see this movie. Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt Bukator, Caledon Hockley, Spicer Lovejoy, Trudy, Isador and Ida Strauss, Capt. Smith, Cora and her dad, the Irish mom and her two wee little ones, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Murdoch, Mr. Lightoller, et al are the reasons, along with the memories of all the real-life survivors and victims of this tragedy. James Cameron and his cast and crew are still more reasons, because this film is a wonder, with all the emotion of the story they told and for all the technical feats they created and endured in the making of "Titanic." Enough said!! Other than I expect to see this film several more times in the theatre yet....

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, March 15, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

young ones, What young ones? Usually when whe see TITANIC The people there are of all ages, In fact the only kids I see are with moms and dads. I myself am in my thirties, and like seeing the movie so much because, I guess it makes me feel I'm part of the tragady somehow....I love that ship. Anyway this time around I wanted to be part of history and went both Friday and Sunday to make sure that I put in my 2 cents inn for the cause, That makes it only 7 times for me, so I guess everybody has a reason to go.....


-- jesse fontes (, March 16, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

I'll be 21 on Friday the 20th. I have another friend, 21, who's seen the film and likes it. Another who is 22... actually two who are 22. They've seen it twice at least, each. So that's at least four guys I know directly who are over 20 that have seen Titanic twice or more. Granted, the female aspect is there as well. It's better bringing them along if you ask me. =)

-- Dave Phillips (, March 16, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

I'm a 27 year old married woman, and I chat daily with a group of women my age and older who are huge fans of this movie and its stars. I get very angry when Titanic, or Man in the Iron Mask, for that matter, get treated as teeny-bopper movies by the press. It completely dismisses all the talent and hard work displayed by everyone involved with making these films.

-- Jen "pagoda" Walker (, March 16, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

Thank you sooo much everyone! It makes me feel better to know that the articles aren't true. I love Kate Winslet too, and plan to watch all of her future movies, and Gloria Stewart! You are all right, Leonardo is just part of this wonderful movie, but it makes me mad that the press is reporting that the success is do to Leonardo and the teeny boppers!

-- Sally (, March 16, 1998.

Response to How old are you?

I'm a 28 year old male who has seen it four times and Leo is hardly the reason. Though he does a good job, there are so many elements to this film that make it what it is. The fact that the movie is bigger than it's male lead is evidenced in it's staying power. Put Leo in a bad movie, and perhaps the teenage girls may keep it afloat for a week or two, but after that, no dice. Put Leo in "TITANIC" and it stays afloat for at least 12 weeks (if not more) because it's a good movie, nothing more, nothing less.

-- Michael (, March 16, 1998.

I'm 31, and I've seen it 12 times. My dad, 63, says it's his all-time favorite. My best friend (a 40 year old) loved it. Another friend in his fifties loved it. None of us are manic Leo fans, but think he, like everyone else in Titanic, did a great job. The people I see in the theaters have been of all ages. It ticks me off too, to hear some media calling it a teenage girl flick. Some magazine recently reported that ~37% of repeat viewers are male, by the way. If I had to say what aspect interested me most, it would be the true story of the Titanic, which this movie inspired me to learn. Still Can't Let Go

-- Bob Gregorio (, March 16, 1998.

I am a 15 year old girl and I love Leonardo DiCaprio, but that is not the reason why I love Titanic so much. I didn't even think he was cute and didn't even like him until after I saw the movie for the first time. He's not the reason I have seen the movie 4 times and want to see it many more times. It is the story itself that has captivated me. I hate how they write in all the newspapers that teenage girls go to see it just because of Leonardo DiCaprio and then have real girls say that that's true. It's like they don't even care about the story itself. I became a Titanic obsessor after I saw it. I love the whole movie. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio helped to make it a good movie, but so did Kate Winslet and all the other actors, plus James Cameron who actually wrote the story and James Horner who wrote the beautiful music. Maybe I am the exception to the rule, but that's the way I feel about it. Titanic has become my favorite movie in the whole world and it is thanks to all of those people that helped contribute to make it that way.

-- Jennifer (, March 16, 1998.

I just have to add... If teenage girls ARE returning for repeat viewings, just to see Leonardo, well, at least they have good taste! Not only is he appealing as Jack Dawson, but a truly gifted actor who has the potential to be legendary. I mean, when I was a teenager, I went to "Dirty Dancing" 7 times to see Patrick Swayze. And he's nowhere near the same league as Leo. So, I guess the teenage girls today are pretty darn lucky to have such a genuinely talented heartthrob.

-- Jen (, March 17, 1998.

Yeesh, true confessions time! I'm 36, female, and seen Titanic three times. I have *never* seen it for LdC, even though he does a fine job in the film. I initially went (with my 41-year-old husband) on the recommendation of my 79-year-old mother, who was taken by her 23-year-old grandson! So I think that covers the demographic gamut. The second time was with coworkers, none of whom was under 25 or over 40 (but all female). The third time, I had the teen couple on my left and the elderly couple on my right!

Realistically, a movie does not become the #1 film of all time on its initial run by appealing to one particular demographic. It is the broad-based appeal of Titanic that has led to its success.


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, March 17, 1998.

I'm a 39 year old male, and I've seen the movie 4 times. Usually whenever my wife and I go to the movies, we are among the oldest people in the theater. During my viewings of Titanic I've been impressed by the number of older people who attended. I've met several while standing in line who mentioned that they had not been to a movie in years, but wanted to see this one. Titanic's staying power at the box office is due(I think) to the fact that it tells a story, and tells it well enough that we care deeply about the characters involved.

-- Bobby (, March 17, 1998.

I am a 32 year old female, mother of two and married. I have see Titanic 4 times. I also did not go see this film because of Leonardo, Kate or James Cameron. (I didn't even know who Kate Winslet was. Leonardo, I was only aware of, and as far as James Cameron, I didn't know him by name, just knew it was the "Director of T2, True Lies and Aliens"

I went to see this movie because of the REAL star....TITANIC herself and her story. I was brought back to the theater because of her story and the way it is portrayed by ALL THE ACTORS. I think the movie stands on its own.

I also hate the way the media has behaved when it comes to talking about Titanic. I just watched the Today show and Gene Shalit (the idiot with the hair) was giving his .02 cents (and I'm being generous, to say that it even was .02 cents worth)on how the studios are getting there figures as to how many people are actually seeing Titanic. He basically boiled in down to "10 teenage girls and seen it 900,000 times" ha ha. God, he made me sick, to reduce this film to being a punchline to a very bad joke just makes my blood boil!!!

I have nothing against the teenage crowd that are fans of Leonardo and who may be going to see Titanic because of him, but to say the it is the only "staying power" of Titanic's success is just ludicrious!! It that were true, then why isn't Romeo and Juliet one of the top grossing films of all time, if teenagers had that kind of power?!

I think Leonardo is a terrific actor (I have seen some of his other films) and he deserves to be recognized as that and only that.

-- Caron (, March 19, 1998.

Amen Caron!

-- Michael (, March 19, 1998.

I'm 31 years old and I LOVED this movie! I have seen this movie 2 times, first with my husband and then with my mom. I would really like to see it again, but as a mother of 2 pre-school age kids that probably won't happen. I have always been facinated by the Titantic, so this movie just adds to the facination. I thought, by what the media said, that I must be the only person near 30 who was continually enthralled by this movie. Thank you for showing me I'm not.

-- Annette (, March 24, 1998.

Hi. Late again. I'm 28. Leo's a good-lookin' kid. Kate is very striking (c'mon, girls...we ALL we wish we had those eyes!). Billy Zane is beautiful. But I would've gone to see this movie even if Leo hadn't been in it. His presence made it all the more appealing, however, since at times it seems I'm one of the few females on this planet who knew who he was since his appearances on "Growing Pains" (I find talent, and I watch it's my hobby). But the actual ship is the reason I went. I knew the effects would be incredible (if Cameron isn't exactly king in the field, he at least shares the throne with the likes of Spielberg and Lucas), and I had heard that the love story was the point. I was interested in a fresh approach. If I wanted to see a documentary, I sure as heck am not going to pay $7 to do so. I'll wait till it comes on A&E. Also...I saw the set of the ship half-sunk with my own eyes (see my thread "the set" under "odds-n-sods" if you want the whole drama); so these were the reasons I went...again and again and again...

Regarding the teenagers that are in love with Leo: I make no bones about not being a fan of teenagers as a group. But when I was that age (and I brought this up on another site), part of the greatness of it was having a celebrity idol to worship and pretend I was going to marry and bare his children someday. It's the greates part of being a young girl, and I say to them: enjoy it while you can. Bills, jobs and real life come MUCH too soon. Besides, I'm sure there are many wives of many celebrities in the world who, when they were 13, NEVER DREAMED they'd be married to one today...

And all you boys: let's not forget tha YOU had Farrah Fawcett, okay?

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 08, 1998.

Well, I'll reach 50 on October 4th of this year and I will still be a Titanic nut. The young people on this list are great and I'm glad to see them get into the story of this ship, for it will never leave them. If James Cameron's "Titanic" has done nothing else, it has re-awakened the interest in this historical event and now we have a whole new generation of folks that just can't get enough of this ship and that is not a bad thing.

Regards, Peter

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, August 09, 1998.

Peter...yes indeed. I remember studying it briefly in school and wanting to learn more. I did a little bit then (the school library didn't have much on the subject for elementary schoolers), and then life happened and I forgot my obsession. When I found out about this film, I started reading up again, and even more so afterwards to check for historical accuracy. I now have three books on my coffee table on the subject, I plan to order A&E's masterpiece about it (when I get some extra cash), and my copy of the video is on reserve. My little sister goes to college in Massechusetts, and if I ever get up there to see her, we plan to take a weekend trip up to the Titanic Historical Society. Unfortunately I missed the Titanic exhibit when it was in Memphis...I'm hoping it comes back around. But I plan to become a collector of all things Titanic and turn-of-the-century, and someday have a library for all of it when I have my own house (which I will have built for me in the style of that era).

Wow...I'm soooooo long-winded. All that to say, if Cameron didn't make this film, I may have still forgotten my obsession with the actual event and the time period in which it happened. If we can get kids interested in God, let's do it! And let's do it any way we can!!!

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 09, 1998.

By the way, little sister's birthday is also October 4th; all you little Libras running around...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 09, 1998.

I'm a 29 year old married mother of two girls who has a 25 year old brother who thinks he was ON the Titanic in a previous life. So I grew up with this little brother who knew almost everything about this great ship thus keeping me informed my whole life. When I first saw the trailer, I knew I had to see this movie, and to date, have seen it 7 times. The acting, the music, and the emotional impact have kept me going back at $9.00 a viewing. I too remember Leonardo from his "Growing Pains" days and I think he was excellent as Jack. He's one of the reasons I love the movie, but only one of many.

-- Courtney (, August 09, 1998.

I have a friend who's sister believes she might have been on "Titanic" in a previous life, as well. His family tells stories of when she was really young (like four or so), being in the bathtub playing nicely and she would suddenly start screaming things about falling, the lights going out, and freezing in the water; then she would start to hyperventilate. I'm NOT making this stuff up. It wasn't until years later, when she took an unnatural fascination with this event after learning about it in school that her family started putting the pieces together. She won't see the movie because she's too afraid. Again...I AM NOT making this up! Courtney, did anything like this happen to your brother? I'm not really a believer in reincarnation myself, but I would be fascinated to hear why he thinks he was on Titanic in the past. You can e-mail me if you like...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 09, 1998.

I went to see Titanic because a twenty-five-year-old male told me it was the best movie he'd ever seen. The first seen with Jack Dawson made me stop and say to myself "Isn't that the kid from Growing Pains?..... I definitely did not go to see (or have continued to see) Titanic for Leo. dC. It's the story and the love between Rose and Jack and the history of Titanic that draw me back time after time.

-- Nonnie Parker (, April 19, 1999.

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