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I have tried both the IRC chatroom and the Flicker Room chat room this evening, (I don't have Java capabilities) and cannot get in. The Flicker Room page starts, and gets as far as the black sign which says "Flicker Room." However, the rest of the page doesn't load.

The IRC room is another story, and I'll try it some other week.


-- Colin R. Onstad (, March 15, 1998


I tried the Flicker Room, and it seems to work now. I noticed the Jukebox was out, but I don't imagine anybody will miss that. :-) Sometimes things seem to happen for no reason on the internet, and they always happen at the wrong time. The Flicker Room is a last resort method of communication. IRC is the way to go. Free programs are available for PCs and MACs.

-- Bob Hembree (, March 16, 1998.

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