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I was just thinking of the sequence of events in the movie and was wondering if this was correct.

April 10, 1912-Jack and Rose board the Titanic.

April 11, 1912-Jack sees Rose for the first time when she goes out on deck and is arguing with Cal.

April 12, 1912-Jack and Rose meet for the first time when Rose threatens to throw herself off the ship and Jack saves her.

April 13, 1912-Jack and Rose spend the day together walking around on the ship. They have dinner together and then go to the steeerage party.

April 14, 1912-Rose is told by her mother to never see Jack again. Rose tells Jack she can't see him anymore. The "I'm flying" scene occurs and "it is the last time Titanic ever saw daylight." Jack draws Rose nude, the ship strikes the iceberg.

April 15, 1912-Jack dies and Rose promises she'll never let go.

Is this correct? I was just wondering how many days Rose and Jack really did spend together and thought of the events that occurred on each day.

-- Jennifer (, March 15, 1998


Response to Sequence of Events

Hi April:

I believe your chronology is correct.


-- Kip Henry (, March 15, 1998.

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