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Why not let the people who work at MUNI run the place? Let the people who do the work solve the problems. It is clear that what has been tried has not worked so why not try something different. Who knows - it just might work and empower people at the same time. If it does not work and there is no improvement - well then the workers can have no objections if the voters of the city pass a referendum putting the running of MUNI out to bid.

-- richard (, March 15, 1998


Dear Richard:

As a long time Muni operator I agree with you! Those of us at the bottom have long wondered why the management never consults us about how to fix it, since we are the ones who know the answers. As for putting the running of Muni out to bid, I think that is what is happening now. Emilio Cruz, a person with no transportation background, was appointed by the mayor to run a $300+ million agency. Transportation is not a political game, and running it with anything other than someone who knows it inside out is suicide for BOTH drivers and passengers.

-- Panda Gish (, June 01, 1998.

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