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Fan sinks into Titanic obsession

ROME (AP) - "Twelve-year-old Gloria goes to the movies every day. Same day, same place, same movie: Titanic. So far, the girl has seen the hit film about 50 times, leading the pack of Italy's fervent Titanic fans. And she's still not tired of it. The budding movie buff was discovered by the newspaper La Republica. Now the theatre in Castelfranco Emilia, a town of 11,000 in central Italy, has started reserving Gloria her favorite seat and letting the girl in for free. Gloria's mother, a cleaning woman, says she hasn't seen Titanic yet, but she's not worried about her daughter's obsession. 'She's not doing anything bad,' she told the newspaper, adding that Gloria has to do her homework first every night."

(The Ottawa Sunday Sun - March 15, 1998)

-- Dan Draghici (, March 15, 1998

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