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Rx2000 Solutions Institute Year 2000

What is the Rx2000 Solutions Institute?

An independent, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to assisting the health care industry in addressing and resolving the year 2000 crisis.

What is the mission of the Rx2000 Solutions Institute?

The Institute's strategic mission is to be a key provider of training, services and information, using the aggregated power of a health care coalition/organization, to cooperatively address industry-wide "year 2000 crisis" issues. These year 2000 issues pose potentially fatal risks to the business of health care and to individual patients in the care of the health care community.

The Institute will provide industry-wide, industry-recognized standards, criteria and procedures for addressing year 2000 challenges. It is the only health care forum dedicated exclusively to addressing these issues.

A nationally recognized board of advisors has identified an alarming number of health care issues and problems directly connected to the change-over from 1999 to 2000. These issues can only be addressed efficiently and successfully from a perspective of aggregated industry strength. The board has strongly endorsed the view that a national voice is needed to increase awareness, provide training/education and identify possible solutions and services that will focus specifically on the health care industry. In addition, they have endorsed the view that uniform standards, reporting and information is critical - both to the health care industry and their suppliers - if the year 2000 crisis is to be successfully addressed.

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-- Bill (, March 15, 1998

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