Harlan Smith: A letter to Forbes Magazine, March 1998

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A Letter from Harlan Smith to Forbes Magazine in reponse to their article located that can be read by clicking here.

Mr. Smith's letter is a fine example you might consider using as a model or guide for your own words, should you encounter the same kind of thing.

Several URLs and snips were included in the letter following the body that is reproduced here. Too many to includ in this posting (they won't fit!). But seeing as how they're an excellent, comprehensive, forceful collection you may wish to include in your own "consciousness raising" commumications, each article is referenced and linked on the News Clips list directly above below this particular post. They're preceeded by the letters "HSFR" (Harlon Smith Forbes Response), should you want to utlize some of all of them, or refer someone to the News Clip Forum and encourage them to read the series of articles identified with those beginning characters... (If you do refer others here, be sure to encourage them to set an "alert" so they'll be updated automatically when new references are posted here.)

Dear Mr. Noer,

RE: http://www.forbes.com/asp/redir.asp?/tool/html/98/mar/0312/feat.htm
(and companion article "Fear itself")

There are those who have spent a great deal of time studying the Y2K Threat, understanding it in context, trying to mitigate it and motivating others to deal with it.

Oppositely, there are those self-serving individuals/organizations who will benefit from deliberately obscuring the Y2K facts and discrediting those who are attempting to accurately convey the seriousness of the problem.

Forbes magazine has established a chronic habit of allying itself with the latter group.

You lead off with "Who needs facts when you are peddling fear and panic."?

A corollary would be: "Who needs the facts when they can defame the opposition."?

I searched your article in vain to find any "facts" whatsoever, except your noting that those working the problem were being paid to do so. Are you so altruistic that you write your erroneous articles for no compensation?

When we wake up in the post-2000 era, we will remember how Forbes Magazine has contributed to the calamity by lulling the CEOs to sleep.

Please educate yourself on the potential impact of Y2K on the various elements of our infrastructure before you give us another harangue on "Y2K Hype".

The following references will clarify the magnitude of the Y2K problem:

(See following subjects preceeded by "HSFR" on the reference list.)

-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), March 13, 1998

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