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News Release

Canadian Business Not Ready for Year 2000 Warns Task Force

(Note: Excellent report from Canadian government. Includes very good general y2k information.)

Montreal, December 8, 1997 -- A blue-chip task force of chief executives warned today that business preparedness for 2000 is inadequate and a massive effort is needed to repair or upgrade computer systems in need of date modifications.

The private sector-led task force sounded the business alarm today in response to a preliminary survey released by Statistics Canada which found more than half of all Canadian firms are taking no action to prepare for anticipated computer malfunctions leading up to 2000.

"The Statistics Canada survey confirms that the situation in Canada on business preparedness for the Year 2000 technological problem is serious and must be addressed urgently. Our competitiveness is at stake and time is running out," warned Jean Monty, Chairman of Task Force Year 2000 and President and Chief Operating Officer of BCE Inc., at a news conference today.

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-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), March 13, 1998

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