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~ The SWEB Site ~

A power company in Southwest England held up as a model of communication with its
customers. This web site is also a model of simplicity, clear presentation, general thouroughness.
The "Detailed Impact of the Millennium" page is of particular interest when it comes to "y2k checklists."


SWEB has recognised that the Millennium could have a serious impact on businesses. A project is underway to identify, quantify and resolve associated risks within SWEB. We feel that it is as important that our customers and other organisations should be assessing the situation to minimise the impact on their businesses. To assist with this we are providing information on the background and approach taken within SWEB.

Details are provided for information only. SWEB do not accept liability for any consequential loss or damage arising from the use or interpretation of this information.

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-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), March 13, 1998

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