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Part 1 of 6: The Millennium Timebomb

Ontario weak link in Y2K fix chain

Province has no idea how much it will cost to repair

By SUSAN TAYLOR -- Ottawa Sun

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

If you don't own a computer or use one at work, all the Year 2000 clamor may seem nothing more than a case of Chicken Little.

But the sky is falling.

There are those who see the Millennium Bug as a big bluff, a huge money-making opportunity and nothing more than fear mongering.

Not Joe Boivin.

As head of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's Y2K correction program, Boivin realized the countdown to the millennium was quickly turning into a ticking timebomb.

How big are the risks of not making the Big Fix?

"Don't conceive a child in 1999," says Boivin, who founded the Global Millennium Foundation to send a worldwide wake-up call.

First in a series of linked articles about Canada's y2k situation

-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), March 13, 1998

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