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-- dirck halstead (, March 13, 1998


In Bill's tribute to Carl, he mentions Susan Meiselas climbing up a tower in Manila at Marcos "Miting de Avance" rally in Luneta Park. I actually have a picture of Carl climbing same tower, being offered a helping hand by Derek Williams of CBS, and a helping foot by another photog and being waved off by Jay Ullal. During my time running the Time show in Manila Carl was the hardest worker of all. He would regularly pound on our door at the Manila Hotel at 0600 hrs wondering what was going on and what was his assignment for the day.

He and Shelly were in seventh heaven, back in their old stomping grounds. Carl managed one Time cover of the five we did and also got one of the finest pix of the whole affair, a snap of Marcos holding a banner headline proclaiming "Marcos Wins." Wow.

albest and many thanks for the digital journalist.


(Robin Moyer is a TIME contract photographer, based in Manila.)dh

-- Robin Moyer (, March 13, 1998.

For years I've said that there should be a major motion picture(s) or television mini-series about the life of Shelly and Carl Mydans. Their life has everything. Love. Adventure. Intelligence. Talent. Travel. Based on Carl's experiences and notes, a good script writer should be able to produce a script that would make the writers of the TITANIC movie blush with embarrassment. Carl is a terrific story teller in photos and words. Some of the stories are heroic. Some tender. Some sad. Some happy. And, some sad. All are captivating.

-- Edward J. Meell (, March 13, 1998.

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