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Business Week, March 2, 1998

"There will be facilities where they go in and turn on the machines and they won't go on," says Dean Kothmann, head of the technology division at engineering firm Black & Veatch, the world's largest provider of power plants.

In particular, electric utilities are only now becoming aware that programmable controllers--which have replaced mechanical relays in virtually all electricity-generating plants and control rooms--may behave badly or even freeze up when 2000 arrives. Many utilities are just getting a handle on the problem.

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-- Roleigh Martin (, March 12, 1998



This is a test from later on in the day. I posted the first 2 article references in the "News Clips" forum under your name and email address. I'm putting this in as an "answer" to one of them, and this should get forwarded to you as soon as I post it. (I'll delete this "answer" later - just want to see if this works.) I've been nearly completely distracted all day and still have a couple of chores left to do to get the "site/forums" completely ready to go, but that shouldn't take me too long... (But then, just as I say that, the phone rings, and it looks like at least another hours going to go by before I can get back at it...)

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-- Bill (, March 12, 1998.

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