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The "Titanic Mania" Special that aired on E at 9pm 3/11 and 11am 3/12

Due to the blessed cable in my area, I only saw the first ten minutes of the show. The cable went out! I called and called, only to find that it was a large problem, would be taken care of ASAP... Well I got up to tape it this morning and the CABLE IS STILL OUT!!! I've called everyone I know with a VCR to try to get them to tape it, but alas, no one at home. Can you guys keep yours eyes open for a replay and post it here? I know you will. How was the show? It started out very interesting, I saw some interviews I hadn't seen yet. Let me live vicariously through you... Tell me what I missed......

-- Beth (, March 12, 1998


Just checked the E on-line website, and the 'TITANIC' mania special on "E" is being replayed March 14, SAT.@ 2:00pm (Eastern time). Also coming on right before that @1:30pm (Eastern time) is: Behind the scenes:The Man In The Iron Mask; repeating again Sun. March 15 @4:30 (Eastern time). Let's just hope they don't rearrange their schedules!!!!!!!

-- SRH (, March 12, 1998.

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