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Thankfully looking got me somewhere. I picked up the new OHB release the other day and gave it a careful listen. Some of the songs have some great potential, such as the remake of "I Got Soul", which was previously done by Eric B. & Rakim, as well as "Chocolate City", "Represent", the re-release of "Ole Ole", and "Oh Yeah". They have a great shot to be released. I just felt that Chocolate City should have a clean version because that might be the best song on the new album. But I await the new single release, which I have no clue what it is, since I want to find it on a 12" single! Oh--by the way, in comparison to the other album, the title on this one was better, but I think the first one was just a little better. Maybe they should mix up the fast and slow songs so that we get a surprise out of tracks we have not heard yet! But again, nice job by the OHB--and now let's get these fraud radio stations to give them some airplay instead of hearing "Boom Boom Boom" all the time!!

-- Tom Wilkins (PxieNDxie@aol.com), March 11, 1998

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