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When someone using AOL or WebTV orders using the shopping cart, the only information received is their shipping and handling. The items placed in the shopping cart are lost. This only occurs with AOL and WebTV users however. Any ideas?

-- Keivan Sarrafzadeh (, March 10, 1998


Yes - I have the answer... Plus a few other "gotcha's".. We found that when AOL users go to "Secure" transactions - and possibly at other times (Due to their using Proxie Servers?) the URL (name used to create the cart) changes.. You can see a debug (kinda ) demo of that by going to via AOL via Internet - place something in the cart - and look at the bottom of the cart page - you'll see the URL used for your cart name - which will remain the same for each cart entry.. Now go to Order - and select Secure.. Again - the bottom of the page will show your URL for your cart - which will be different (Thus Empty cart).. I am in the process of fixing this by adding code to use "cookies" - which is the only cure..

For those of you who are using the S-mart code to maintain your inventory, (Which I'm not..) , there is a VERY serious security problem - For more info, E-mail me - as I don't want to post it here.. (For obvious reasons...)

Rich Kopp http:\\

-- Richard Kopp (, June 12, 1998.

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