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Tina (or Bob, or whomever gets this first?),

How can I get the posts on the 401 Moderates board, so I can critique them?

I have been wading through the millions and millions of messages on the page, looking for that neat "NEW' mark on them, but there must be a better way.

Thanks. I am really enjoying reading and commenting on the messages on the 401 board. There are some pretty good writers there, as well as on the 98 board


-- Colin Onstad (, March 10, 1998


Sorry. Like a GOOD writer would, I finally read all the words on the page, and lo and behold, at the bottom, there's a place to subscribe.

Sometimes I feel like a clone!


-- Colin Onstad (, March 10, 1998.

There is also a place to format the the page looks when it come up. Go to where it says: [ Search / Personalize Display ] and click on it. Then, from the "List messages" menu, select "By Threads, Reversed" This will keep everything in logical groups.

-- Bob Hembree (, March 10, 1998.

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