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I just learned a few minutes ago that Titanic survivor Eleanor Shuman, age 87, passed away yesterday, 3/7/98, in Elgin, IL, USA. Ms. Shuman was about one year old at the time of the sinking. She has been a frequent guest at many Titanic-related events, and was James Cameron's guest at a press screening of the new Titanic film last year.

There are now six living survivors of the Titanic's first and last voyage; two in the US, two in the UK, and two in France.

Please keep this wonderful lady and her family in your prayers.

-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), March 08, 1998


Wow, it's a small world. I guess I'll be hearing a lot about Eleanor Shuman since I live in South Elgin, IL. Kip, of the six living survivors, were any at the age of reason during the sinking? If so, have they seen and commented on the movie?

-- Dan Dalton (DDalton2@prodigy.net), March 08, 1998.

Dan, I believe the oldest living survivor is around age 100, so this person (sorry, I don't have the name) would have been old enough to comprehend what was happening. The remaining survivors were young children. The youngest, Millvina Dean, was two months old. If you saw the A&E special, you saw a lot of Millvina, but all her stories were secondhand, related to her by her mother and older siblings.

It won't be much longer before the last of them has left us. Thank goodness for people like Walter Lord, Don Lynch, the producers of the A&E documentary, and so many others who have preserved those memories for us.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), March 09, 1998.

I got this from the Assoc. Press this afternoon.

Mrs. Shuman's death leaves six survivors of the disaster, according to Michael Findlay of the Titanic International Society of Freehold, N.J. The oldest is Winnifred Quick Vantongerloo, 94, of the Detroit area.

God bless her and give her peace..

-- crystal smithwick (crystal@9v.com), March 09, 1998.

The remaining Titanic survivors are as follows:

Lillian Gertrude Asplund Born: 10-21-1906 Age on Titanic: 5 1/2 years old Third Class Lifeboat #4 Age now: 91 Residence: Massachusetts

Eliza Gladys Milvina Dean Born: 2-2-1912 Age on Titanic: 10 weeks old Third Class Lifeboat #C Age now: 86 Residence: England

Louise Laroche Born: Around 1909 Age on Titanic: 3 years old Second Class Lifeboat #C? Age now: 89 Residence: France

Michel M. Navratil Born: 6-12-1908 Age on Titanic: 3 1/2 years old Second Class Lifeboat #D Age now: 89 Residence: France

Winnifred Vera Quick VanTongerloo Date born: Around 1904 Age on Titanic: 8 years old Second Class Lifeboat #11 Age now: 94 Residence: Michigan

Barbara J. West Date born: Around Mid 1908 Age on Titanic: 3 1/2 years old Second Class Lifeboat ? Age now: 89 Residence: England

(Information courtesy The Titanic Information Site, URL: http://www.netins.net/showcase/js/titanic/ )

-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), March 10, 1998.

im so interisted in the titanic. when i did a report on it i fell in love. im 13 if you could e-mail me at all with stuff about the titanic i will thank you. and if you know if any person is still living can you give me there e-mail adress. well thank you. bye

from. alyssa stevens

-- alyssa stevens (beautylady97504@yahoo.com), March 04, 2003.

Hi there, could someone give an update on the remaining survivors, 5 years ago there where 5, I want to know how many there are now. Thanks!

-- Skip George (palmtree1912@msn.com), April 29, 2003.

Here is an update on the remaining survivors as of May 1, 2003. There are only 3 remaining survivors. The three that have died since the last update are as follows: Female Louise Laroche Died on January 28, 1998 in France. Male Michael M. Navratil, the Last Male Titanic Survivor, died on January 30, 2001 in France. Female Winnifred Vera Quick VanTongerloo, died on July 4, 2002 in Michigan, USA at the age of 98. The remaining 3 survivors are:

1. Female Lillian Gertrude Asplund Born: 10-21-1906 Age on Titanic: 5 1/2 years old Third Class Lifeboat #4 Age Now: 96 Years Old Residence: Massachusetts, USA ( She is the oldest living Titanic Survivor )

2. Female Barbara J. West Born: March 1911 Age on Titanic: 11 Months Second Class Lifeboat Age Now: 92 Years Old Residence: England ( Great Britian )

3. Female Eliza Gladys Milvina Dean Born: 2-2-1912 Age on Titanic: 10 weeks old Third Class Lifeboat C Age Now: 91 Years Old Residence: England ( Great Britian )

It has been 91 years since that imfamous night in 1912. Out of over 2200 passangers, there are only 3 still living. We lost 1500 alone on that night. Out of the 3 living, there is only one that could remember that night, that would be Lillian Gertrude Asplund, who was 5 1/2 at the time, my earliest recollection of my life was when I was 5, the other 2 survivors where less than a year old on that night. I'm so happy I could give you this information because it's so difficult to find on the internet, I will update in the future to keep you up to date on are remaining 3 survivors. Thank You!

-- Titanic Update (palmtree1912@yahoo.com), April 29, 2003.

There's something so timeless about the unfortunate fate of the Titanic, something fascinating and compelling.....seems to draw a person in in a ghostly way. I vascillate in wondering if it will ever be appropriate to raise the Titanic. Perhaps she should rest in peace but then, there is so much we could possibly learn if it were raised.....a profound and tangible impact for sure. Insight on this subject welcome via e-mail.

-- T.J. (gentleseas@hotmail.com), May 02, 2003.

After talking to my children about the Titanic, I still don't know how it came up, we finally got the movie and allowed them to watch it. My daughters are 8 and 7 and we were somewhat skeptical of letting them watch it. We had spent some considerable time on the internet reseaching the Titanic and they were somewhat fascinated by it. We had taken a cruise last month and I believe that brought on their curiosity. My question is simply this -- Did any of the survivors ever write a book about that night? I understand that much of the movie was not real, but would like to continue to educate my kids on this event.

-- John Gambadoro (jgambadoro@cox.net), July 14, 2003.

This book isn't by one person, but "The Titanic Disaster Hearings" by Tom Kuntz has the official transcripts of the 1912 senate investiagion of the sinkings. A good deal of the Survivors are questioned and tell their story's about what happened that night. I bought it several years ago and never finished it all, but what I read was interesting.


-- Jon Parish (Jonger_2002@yahoo.com), July 14, 2003.

I would like to just say that we keep all the suviors and people who died that night. I was alyays told to live life to the fullest and not to give up on my dreams. I honestly hope that all the suviors did just that.

-- brenda klein (alyanna471@aol.com), August 25, 2003.

I am so fascinated ny this subject, especially since I recently went
to the 'Titanic Artifacts Exhibition' at the Science Museum in London.
It was absolutely mesmerising and extremely eerie and life-affirming.
I actually touched a piece of the ships hull, which was very special.
Anyway, whilst there I bought a book which was actually first
published in 1912 I think, by four of the survivors, the most
accurate and compelling account of the disaster;
'The Story of The Titanic, as told by it's survivors' by Jack Wincour.
The four survivors of the title are; Lawrence Beesley, Archibald
Gracie, Commander Lightoller and Harold Bride. Their stories are
horrific and compelling, you really get a feel of the sheer terror of
that night. Good reading. xx

-- leighsa-jayenne searle (lei_lei_jayenne@yahoo.co.uk), September 30, 2003.

Last week I went to see the Titanic exhibition here in Tampa Florida USA. My two sons were with me. This moment was enough to realize that we have to live every minute of our lives in a positive meaningful way. We felt the presence of those souls that were lost at sea and those that survived! Just amazing in a very solemn way. Everybody was quiet and I know all of us were praying for those aboard the Titanic and for all humankind. And a curious note: My husband passed away January 27 ,captain Smith birthday,; and my older son born April 15 ,the night Captain Smith sank with Titanic. We are part of Titanic!

-- Olga Hernandez (OlgaMarVega@aol.com), October 05, 2003.

I really wish there were more survivors of the titanic. The 1997 movie was so sad and it really fascinated me and made me cry. It is just so sad and i wish there were more living survivors.

-- Alice Mertinz (allstar_59@hotmail.com), November 08, 2003.

I'd always been fascinated by the Titanic ever since I watched the movie when i was eight. I just recently rented the movie agian and cryed my heart out. After the movie my interest in the remaining suevivors came to mind. I'm only 14, but my interest is VERY deep. Are there still 3 people alive that survived that night? And if so where do they resind? Is there anyway to get in contact with them? I know that these people went through alot threw that night and that they were only children but whatever they do recall is intresting even if the storys are second hand. To me these story's sre history and very intresting so to learn as much as possible would be nice.

-- Kelsey Thomas (BeWitchinBabe@juno.com), February 09, 2004.

hey, im new here. im working on making a titanic site for fiction and research and stuff let me know if any of you have ideas.

-- SammiJo (TooManyTears88@yahoo.com), February 17, 2004.

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the Titanic. It began when I was a child, after watching the 1950's version of "Titanic", which stars Barbara Stanwyck, Clifton Webb, and Robert Wagner. That version movie also was a hit and nominated for several Academy Awards in its day. It was filmed in black and white, which in my opinion makes the movie even sadder, almost ghoolish in appearance. There are also many dramatic elements in the old version which seemed to be carried over into Cameron's version of 1997. For example, Robert Wagner plays a part which he has a girlfriend, very much like DeCaprio's "Jack" and "Rose". And Barbara Stanwyck plays a domineering mother, just like the mother of young "Rose" in the updated movie. I liked the newer version, but highly recommend the older version as well.

As a tribute to the memory of those who suffered due to the Titanic sinking, I watch either of the movies (old or new) every year on the very same evening it hit the iceberg, April 14th. Watching it the same evening it hit the iceberg seems to bring on my emotions the most. Consider gathering friends or family once a year to relive the experience. Hopefully we have all learned something about our world and ourselves through the mistakes of that dreadful night of April 14th, 1912.

-- In Memory of Titanic (rwndask8r@hotmail.com), April 15, 2004.

Here we are on the 92nd Anniversary of that tragic night. We still have the 3 remaining survivors mentioned in the April 29th update with us. As we remember that day on the 92nd Anniversary, it's surtain we will never forget. Best regards to the remaining three survivors and we remember the over 2200 that are already gone!

-- Titanic Update (palmtree1912@yahoo.com), April 15, 2004.

Remaining Survivors:

1. Female Lillian Gertrud Asplund Born: October 21, 1906 Age on Titanic: 5 Years 5 Months 25 Days Old Third Class Lifeboat #4 Age Now: 97 Years Old Residence: Worcester Massachusetts, USA ( She is the Oldest Living Titanic Survivor )

2. Female Barbara Joyce West Born: May 24, 1911 Age on Titanic: 10 Months 22 Days Old Second Class Lifeboat ( Possibly #10 ) Age Now: 92 Years Old Residence: Plymouth, England ( UK )

3. Female Eliza Gladys Milvina Dean Born: February 2, 1912 Age on Titanic: 2 Months 13 Days Old Third Class Lifeboat C Age Now: 92 Years Old Residence: England ( UK )

Age on Titanic is based on the days they where born until the day of April 15, 1912, which is the day the ship went down. On this 92nd Anniversary I would like to honor the three remaining survivors with updated information on their amazing lives.

-- Titanic Update (palmtree1912@yahoo.com), April 15, 2004.

Although i am only 14 years old i have become very intrested in many events in history. Many of these events include the strike on Pearl Harbor, the Stock Market Crash,and the sinking of the remarkable ship Titanic. I was wondering if there was any way to get into contact with the remaining survivors from the crash. I use to watch the movie every day when it came out on dvd. Then i suddenly just stopped cause i lost the copy. I went out and rebought the movie and now i watch it every day. I use to watch it so much that everyone would be silent for a while, when i use to sit and read alone, and i would hear faint and distant yells for help and the sounds of water being splashed around. I would get up to see if anyone was making water noises but no one was there to make the noises. I was wondering if i have somehow come into contact with the souls that were frozen in the water. Is itthe screams of the people that were on the ship? You may think i am lying but im noti am not lying!!!!

-- Brian Dunaway (xxxdontaskxx@aol.com), June 18, 2004.

I've just added the 3 survivors to an on-line encyclopedia. I would appreciate it if someone could mention if any of these 3 have died since April and if someone could post an update when one of them dies. Thanks.

-- (donutboy2k@hotmail.com), October 28, 2004.

I love the accompanying song to the 1997 film "Titanic" by Celine Dion, "My heart will go on". It's sung from fictitious character of the film, Rose's perspective. It is about losing her love, Jack, to the Titanic tragedy. It is so emotionally-distressing and filled with soul. It is the perfect accompaniment to the film for Titanic fans. The video to the song even features a montage of scenes from the film.

Check check it out. By the way, I think that a sequel to 1997s "Titanic" would be WICKED!!! who agrees?

-- Joe Joe YO! (joejoeyo@lycos.co.uk), November 18, 2004.

the song is so sad, i cry everytime it comes on. what do you think that makes it sad?

-- mary (lfcald@hotmail.com), December 05, 2004.

I was recently in a recreation of the broadway musical TITANIC.I portrayed the caracter Mrs. Mabel Bennett.(Stewardess)She did survive the sinking of the Titanic, and was married at the tme.I havent been able to get much information about her.If anyonne has any information about her, besides where she was born,and what lifeboat she was on.That would be great if you could let me know. Thanks alot!

-- Amanda Kruczynski (kitcat4599@yahoo.com), January 22, 2005.

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